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Trampled wood floors have to be pampered

1, all kinds of floors require regular dust: usually with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, often trampled place to diligent in vacuuming. Pay particular attention to the foyer and to the outside walkways. In addition, in order to prevent dust from entering the house, you can place a dust-proof pad at the entrance or install a dust-proof bar at the bottom of the door.

2, dry than good wet: When using the mop to clean the floor, the mop to dry and then use the better, too wet mop, water will infiltrate the joints in use, hurt the floor, causing the floor warp deformation, especially Wooden floor, plastic floor, cork floor tiles.

3, carefully choose the right skin care products: Choose suitable for the floor of the water-based wax, using only one kind of wax products, if the use of different wax products will interact with each other to make the floor sticky dirty. If the coating is too thick, the dust will stick to the floor more easily, more difficult to polish the wooden floor. To move furniture, it is recommended to lift the way to avoid drag, so as not to scratch the wooden floor; to further protect your home wooden floor, the bottom of the furniture can be fitted with a cloth cover or pad.