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Before the installation of solid wood flooring

1, to prevent uneven ground, uneven ground will make part of the floor and keel vacant, will be issued when the stampede sound. 2, to prevent the keel without drying. 3, to prevent the assembly too loose or too tight. 4, to prevent the use of wooden wedges and nail fixing method. 5, to prevent the use of wooden wedges and nails in the construction of the fixed method, this will cause the wooden wedge and nail contact surface is too small and so lack of nail holding force, can easily cause loose keel, trampling on the floor will appear when the sound.

How to properly install solid wood flooring?Solid wood flooring should pay attention to what issues before installation? Wood floor installation requires the following tools: Electric tools: hammer, pistol drill, marble saw, curve saw, steam pump, air gun, electric planer, Mill, belt sander.

Hand tools: hand saws, knife saws, ink fountains, steel tape measures, squares, pencils, pull cords, hammers, axes, rubber mallets, punches, scrapers, screwdrivers, pliers, flat chisels, planers, steel files. Special tools: remove the hook, tighten the hook.