decorative wooden panels

Bamboo flooring texture finishing1, the first full of wooden floor cleaning, and then use professional bamboo flooring renovation machinery several times to remove the paint layer, the surface layer, about 0.5 mm bamboo layer, part of the floor corner can be used to grind small angle grinder to achieve the whole Smoothing effect, and then use sandpaper to make the floor surface delicate, smooth and reach a new state.

2, brushing shellac twice (every time the paint interval of 30 minutes) paint polishing and cleaning the dust brushing shellac, once every other day cover light, waxing and polishing, to complete the relevant matters Bamboo flooring requirements of non-moldy, No insect eye bamboo. Brush with oil paint dipped shellac Zhushu straight brush, not horizontal brush, so as not to affect the texture of the natural beauty. Various types of varnish can be used for finishing materials, brushing 1-2 times.

3, carefully ground with sandpaper, the surface layer to a slight rough feel rough, remove the dust, brush the second layer of paint. To be the last time after the finish dry paint the floor wax.

4, on the construction site to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, clean up the tools and check whether the deterioration and other undesirable phenomena, timely reporting to the relevant person in charge.