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Reduce floor damage

Floor should always keep clean, it is best to place the mat at the door, put on flat slippers and then into the room to reduce the erosion of gravel on the floor; pay attention to floor cleaning, cleaning the floor regularly, vacuuming, to prevent sand or friction and dust accumulation and scratching Floor surface.

Generally, it is recommended not to move large pieces of heavy furniture in order to avoid the foot of the furniture from damaging the floor. If some of the regular furniture, such as sofas, coffee table, etc., can be in the sofa and coffee table at the foot of a pad of paper or cushion, so as to avoid damage to the floor.

The floor, as an important paving material, covers every corner and plays an important role in the fire. Fire, more than half of the people died of the gas released by the combustion of building materials, and fire-retardant floor in the fire can play its fire and fire-resistant properties, win more than a minute for life vitality, floor fire prevention measures have been more and more everyone s concern.