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Summer wood floor management is crucial

Even if the house is uninhabited for a long time, it is necessary to regularly check the ventilation to prevent damp moldy, causing the floor to bow and curl to deform. Often use a dry and clean mop mop, do not use wet mop and other cleaning tools, and prohibit the use of soap and other easily damaged floor paint and the like. If the floor accidentally dropped on the dirt, must be removed as soon as possible to prevent infiltration of the inner floor.

A large amount of dust appears on the wooden floor. If it is scrubbed with a damp cloth, it is easy to cause dust and water to fuse to form particles and cause damage to the floor surface. Summer rain, easy to be blown indoors. Shenzhen Fu Wo net to remind you, this time should be closed doors and windows.

Moisture easily cause floor deformation mildew. Shenzhen Fu Wo net suggest that you take a bath slippers and indoor slippers usually wear separate, should not be a dual-use. If the wooden floor has arching, deformation signs, need timely repair, to prevent the situation worse. For the arched parts, to prevent trampling, damage to the mouth hindered post-repair.