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The advantages of wood flooring

1, waterproof moisture: It is well known that wood flooring is very sensitive to water and moisture, long-term water immersion will lead to wood flooring decay, expansion deformation, and plastic wood flooring in this regard has fundamentally solved the wooden floor Disadvantages are prominent in waterproof and moisture-proof performance, so plastic-wood flooring can be used in environments where traditional wood flooring cannot be applied.

2. Variety of styles: Compared with the traditional wooden floor, plastic wood flooring not only has a natural sense of wood and texture, color is also more colorful, can make the ground decoration more personalized. Anti-mosquito and termite resistance: Natural wood flooring will be affected by insects or termite bite. Plastic-wood flooring can effectively prevent insect ant harassment, so its service life will be longer than traditional wood flooring.

3, strong plasticity: due to plastic wood flooring style, color more diverse, it is suitable for a variety of decoration styles, can achieve personalized design reflects the individual design, plasticity is much stronger than ordinary wood flooring. Environmental protection without pollution: Plastic-wood floor does not contain benzene substances, its formaldehyde content is 0.2 is lower than the EO-level standards, is a European-level environmental protection standard products, we can rest assured that choose to use.

4. Fire protection: Plastic-wood floor can effectively flame-retardant, and its fire protection level reaches B1 level. It can self-extinguish in case of fire and does not produce any toxic gas. In addition, the installation of plastic-wood floors is simple and does not require complicated installation processes, so it can save installation time and costs.