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Nature bamboo flooring prices

The price of natural bamboo flooring is calculated based on the location and material of its use. Usually, its price will be in the range of tens to hundreds of dollars. Consumers can use their own installation conditions and economic conditions. Bamboo flooring installation and selection.

In the use of bamboo flooring, first of all to maintain the indoor dry humidity, if in the dry season, you can place a suitable basin to increase the humidity of the air. If it is a humid season, more ventilation is needed to keep the room dry. In addition, if anyone sprinkles on the bamboo floor, it must be wiped dry in time and prevent sun exposure and rain showers. There is also to avoid scratching of sharp objects to reduce the useful life.

For now people, health and environmental protection is more important, and bamboo flooring as a green industry environmental protection products by the majority of consumers, I believe that in the future there will be a relatively good development prospects.