wood plastic composite pvc wall panelling

How to clean the floor into the kitchen

Different from other flooring products, science and technology new solid wood in the core board glue coating process, the use of natural soybean water glue, in the professional coating equipment operation, to ensure that the amount of glue evenly. The multilayered and coated core plates are sequentially arranged in a criss-cross pattern and layered together, and bonded together, and the entire precision heat-pressing treatment is performed through the techniques of laminating the wood substrate 90 degrees vertically and horizontally to change the original wood fibers. The stretching direction improves the limitations of wood swell and shrinkage, stabilizes the floor structure, disperses stress from all directions, and allows the floor to “free breathe deeply”, avoiding deformation and cracking caused by problems such as flooding and water soaking. Greatly reduce the floor expansion rate.

The mahogany furniture home always adheres to the concept of “floor is for home and family service” to carry out product research and development and production work. Liberating hands from heavy housework is the greatest care for the consumers' living experience. The new solid wood flooring from Hongmu Xin Technology boasts high water resistance. It only needs to be cleaned with a wet mop during daily use. For some stubborn oil stains, special stain-removing oils and soft rags can be used to wipe, and the floor surface will not be damaged. Layers to ensure that the floor board is as new. In addition, the hardwood floor of Redwoods Technology's new solid wood floor has reached 6000 rotations, which is 5 times higher than that of the floor with good abrasion resistance on the market, ensuring the durability of the floor.