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hardwood flooring wood plastic timber decking wood batten

Under what circumstances the floor will sound?

1, before installation, do not carefully check the ground flatness: the sound of such situations will appear after installation, may be in the small range, due to uneven ground caused by the floor loose.

2, moisture-proof membrane is not sealed, the ground is too humid or indoor air humidity reaches more than 80%: Such cases are usually installed on the floor when the move will hear the sound. Therefore, we must first make the ground moisture-proof, if the wet ground must first be paved with a layer of moisture-proof membrane in the floor installation, if the indoor air humidity is higher than 80%, not recommended to install, in this case the installation of the floor late Will also change due to changes in the environment.

3, the moisture-proof membrane without sealing the floor slightly deformed: If the ground is not particularly humid, but the installer but because there is no moisture-tight membrane seal will make the floor will make a noise, the sound is usually not very loud, and As the environment changes, the water will fade away gradually disappear.