rotproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking

Cork floor maintenance

The ground should be clean, dry, stable and smooth. Before installation to make up for irregularities (height error of not more than 3 mm per square meter). Uneven ground will make the floor after the installation of feet on the floor there is the feeling of hair, a serious gap will cause increased floor damage.

Door and the ground between the reservation of not less than 13 mm gap, and ensure that the door will not switch the normal friction with the ground. As in the original construction of the ground decorative materials, must ensure that the original ground material will not be deformed Otherwise, the problems borne by the customer.

During other decoration, the floor and ground shall not be fixed or filled with the surrounding expansion joints to ensure the normal floating and expansion of the floor. Customers with a geothermal heating system installed should ensure that the system uses between 40% -60% humidity and avoid sudden drop in humidity. Preheat 2-7 days before installation until all moisture on the ground is dissipated.

Floor continuous laying no more than 11 meters in length, more than 11 meters need to use the transition. Baseboard installation should be done after the floor is installed. Cork floor lock series should be placed in the installation environment as far as possible after 48 hours to ensure that the floor moisture balance.