wpc wood composite poolside decking

How to remove wood floor formaldehyde?

Folk flow method of tea residue, grapefruit skin, onion slices, pineapple pieces, etc. just renovated room or use white vinegar fumigation of the entire room. The use of tea leaves, grapefruit skin, onion slices, pineapples and other soil methods can actually play a role in covering, such as covering the toilet smell. But these things do not absorb the formaldehyde in the air. In addition to these things, some people also like to use perfumes, air fresheners, this approach is not desirable, because perfume and air fresheners in the chemical materials may react with the air substances, resulting in secondary pollution.

Plant Absorption Plant has a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, such as cactus, Chlorophytum, reeds, ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum and so on. Many plants do purify the air. However, this does not mean that plants can completely remove the formaldehyde in the air. The plant's absorption of formaldehyde can only play an auxiliary role in the entire air purification process. If the content of formaldehyde in the air is too high, it may even cause death of the plant itself. In general, large foliage and vanilla plants absorb formaldehyde better, such as Chlorophytum, Stellera and so on.