beach pool composite wood decking

In the summer, the high-temperature floor must be "heated"

In the hot and hot weather, the most common problem of the floor is the shrinkage from the seam, because in the high temperature state, the moisture inside the wood is easily volatilized, which causes the floor volume to shrink, which leads to the widening of the seam at the floor splicing. Detachment, cracking, etc.

Closed space, continuous high temperature is the main culprit of the wooden floor from the seam. The renovated new home is left unattended for a long time, and the interior is airtight, so that the indoor temperature is very high and the house is no different from the drying kiln. Under such conditions, the moisture content of the floor is continuously evaporating, and serious shrinkage from the seam is inevitable.

Someone said, "Since high temperatures are so terrible, then open the air conditioner and lower the temperature!" But as everyone knows, the air conditioner is also equivalent to a dehumidifier. People who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time will find it particularly dry. The same is true of wood. Long-lasting air-conditioning blowing on the floor also causes shrinkage.