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Floor waxing process

1. Neutral all-around cleanser is injected into the floor scrubber at a ratio of 1:30 to scrub the floor (degreasing, decontamination) clean. The sewage is sucked dry with a suction machine and the floor can be dried;

2, the floor wax water, into the wringer inside the wax drag wax water pressed to remove the excess wax water. Drag the floor, when dragging the wax, drag it in one direction (either left or right, or forward or backward). Spread the wax evenly on the floor without dragging. After the first layer of wax is finished, the wax is dried for 30-50 minutes before the second layer of wax can be dragged.

3, floor wax The first time to finish the wax without polishing, 2-3 times can be polished, with a polishing pad with washing machine polishing. Wax surface is not bright, stains can be polished, the surface is bright as new. This repeated polishing 5-10 times when the polishing does not light shows that the floor without wax will need to be re-waxed.