maple engineered timber wooden floor

High solid wood floor

High-quality solid wood flooring (high-grade solid wood flooring) Use semi-dry mops when cleaning. If the air is dry in your home, mop your clothes or put a pot of water on the heater or humidify with a humidifier.

After the laying of parquet, waxing in time. In the usual course of use, once every 3 months waxing can be. In fact, not playing can be, but often waxing, can maintain the floor finish, extend the service life of the wooden floor.

Try to avoid the high-grade solid wood flooring (high-grade solid wood flooring) with a large amount of water contact; avoid using acidic, alkaline liquid wipe, so as not to damage the floor finish paint finish. Avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on parquet or place too hot things directly, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.