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Wood floor waxing benefits

Wood floor waxing benefits 1: The purpose of waxing, especially the newly-maintained wooden floor early maintenance, the formation of a protective film, to isolate the floor and dirt, to avoid the direct contact of these dirt to the wooden floor, and even infiltrated the paint inside, leading to the future Difficult to clean.

The benefits of wood floor waxing 2: Through the continuous waxing, the gradual formation of "oil board" to maintain the moisture in the wood floor will not leak outside the leak leading to dry, does not absorb the resulting expansion, thereby maintaining the floor is not deformed and not cracking; surface The paint retains proper grease and does not change color even when exposed to direct sunlight.

The benefits of wood floor waxing 3: improve the bright wooden floor, maintain the flexibility of the floor, the effect is better than once again. Yaguangya experts reminded that after a long period of time, the floor surface will show some wear and even black, and floor protection and waxing is a routine maintenance method. The main role of waxing the floor is to maintain, protect the wooden floor, while increasing the brightness of the floor, beautiful.