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Solid wood floor heating maintenance

If pets are used at home, pet excrement can cause alkaline corrosion of the wood, discoloring the solid wood flooring and creating stains.

In the newly renovated house inside, decoration materials and furniture will emit formaldehyde, irritating the eyes of harmful gases will also produce odor, this time to pay attention to ventilation, taking into account the condensation of water droplets do not drip to solid wood geothermal on the floor.

To choose a suitable wood floor wax, such as water dripping to the floor, the wood floor surface will become white, forming a white cloud. This is due to the poor durability of the floor wax, the peeling of the floor wax from the floor surface, and the resulting diffuse reflection. Before waxing, first in the corner of the room or other inconspicuous place, a small area on the wooden floor trial to confirm no problem before starting a full waxing. Wood floor oil, if not handled in time, will have grease and discoloration and other phenomena. Use cleanser, be sure to wipe water carefully, and then wax.