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Wood flooring should be how to calmly face the maintenance?

1, do not place heavy objects on the wooden floor, so as not to reduce life expectancy, wipe the wooden floor can not be too much force, so as not to hurt the wooden floor surface. Remove the stains on the surface of the wooden floor, use a soft cotton cloth, hard cloth is very easy to scratch the surface. If the stain is too heavy, use a mild detergent to dry the stain and dry it. Can not be rinsed with water or wipe with a wet cloth, so as not to warp wood flooring deformation.

2, pay attention to neutral water impregnated reagent or cloth Do not place the surface in the wood for a long time, otherwise it will dip the surface, the surface of the decorative material discoloration or peeling. Pay attention to the surface of the wood floor should not be too rubbed, otherwise it will cause the wood floor surface paint off.

3, when it is going to rain, if someone at home, it is necessary to promptly shut the window so as not to rain into the house to wet the floor, especially in July and August during the rainy season. Before going out must also check a good window, can not open too much, usually the house should pay attention to ventilation, take away some moisture.

4, the surface paved moisture-proof film, can play a role in preventing damp wood flooring surface. Usually in the care of the wooden floor should also be careful not to let moisture infiltrate the wooden floor, when mopping the floor mop must be wrung out. When found on the surface of wooden floor moldy time, in a timely manner with a gentle bleach water to 1: 3 dilution ratio of mixed wipe, and then rag clean.