wood polymer composite decking

Solid wood floor advantages

1. Durability: The solid wood floor is processed from a single piece of wood, and the solid wood floor thickness on the market is now 18mm. This thickness ensures the wear resistance. Until now, many solid wood floors in old Shanghai houses are still strong and durable. This is a good example.

2. Since it is derived from natural wood, it is not radioactive and does not contain formaldehyde, so it does not cause any harm to the human body. As long as the products are regular manufacturers, we basically do not need to consider environmental protection, this feature is also why many families value solid wood flooring. Natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, but the quality of the paint used by many small manufacturers to make paint plates is not high enough to cause excessive formaldehyde.

3, good foot feeling: laying a good solid wood flooring has good flexibility, people walking on the top whether it is the temperature, touch, feel very soft and comfortable. Cool in winter and cool in summer: Because wood has a small thermal conductivity, it has good thermoregulation as a ground material. Especially in the cold winter, people who move indoors will not feel stiff feet, and they will not step on the floor like the laminate flooring. I feel cold.

4, beautiful and natural: wood is natural, its annual texture often gives a return to nature, return to the feeling of return to nature, regardless of texture and beauty are unique, this is the quality of artificial flooring can not be achieved anyway. It is because of the above five advantages that solid wood flooring will be so popular, and the home's paving solid wood flooring has even become a symbol of the grade of decoration.