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Floor waxing operation to open the window ventilation

Floor wax volatiles at low temperatures can volatilize, the higher the temperature, the faster evaporation. Volatile although flammable, but if the air circulation, low concentration, it does not burn. When applying floor wax, the doors and windows should be open and well ventilated to reduce and reduce the concentration of explosive gases in the air while avoiding smoking in these locations and the use of gas should be suspended.

In the waxing process, to be personal protective measures, wear masks, gloves. If you accidentally come into contact with the skin, rinse thoroughly with soap and plenty of water. If you accidentally get eyes, rinse with running water for more than 15 minutes, there is still no sense of urgency for immediate medical attention.

It is noteworthy that, waxing is best to find a team of professionals, the floor wax open after the barrel if not used, must be sealed tightly to prevent evaporation.