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Solid wood floor treatment of common diseases

Moth-eaten: Because of the boredom of insects in wood, the surface of the floor can often see a bunch of piles of powder, annoying. The reason, and the selection of the floor. To prevent moth-eaten, one is to buy through the drying kiln steaming process to produce the floor, although the price is more expensive, but all the eggs in the wood have been killed; the second is to carefully select the keel, who are insects or bark , Will not be used.

Grilled seams: Some floors shop for a few days, there will be a larger gap between the slats. This is mostly related to the water content before the laying of the floor is too high, due to indoor heat or shrinkage. Note that the moisture content of the floor before laying should be within the range of 8% - 13%, and after the oil shop in time.

Sounded: As the quality of the floor is not high, people will make a squeaky noise when walking around, and it will be very uncomfortable to hear. To this end, pay attention to the keel and the ground, the floor and the keel between the firm, with the appropriate number and length of the nail. At the same time, to prevent too much keel spacing or moisture content is too high, or loose dry shrinkage after laying, will also have a certain impact.