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Dry floor method

However, experts warn that although earthwork is effective, for example, there are security problems in the artillery battalion and people should be careful when using it. In addition, you can burn a stove in the room to make room temperature, so that no way to condense water vapor, so as to reduce indoor humidity.

We may wish to use dehumidifiers, air conditioners or heaters. Dehumidification products on the market now mainly dehumidifier, air conditioners, heaters, air conditioners are usually used in home have the function of dehumidification, can play a dehumidification effect.

Turn the doors and windows open when blowing the north wind. More than 80% of Nantian returned to the sky because the cold air south disappeared. If the weather forecast said cold air south, the local wind turned north, you can rest assured to open the windows and doors to ventilation.