6 colours wood composite wpc wall panel

Regular maintenance and cleaning of wooden flooring

General floor is done, the surface will maintain a fat, these oils can be moisture-proof. After a period of time, the grease will gradually wear away. When people move along with the friction, the movement of furniture and articles will damage the wooden floor. In particular, it often rubs the floor with water and accelerates the aging of the floor.

According to reports, whether it is composite wood flooring or solid wood flooring, it is taboo to clean directly with a wet mop, it should be cleaned with a special cleaning agent for wooden floors, so that the wooden floor to maintain the natural color, to prevent wood cracking. The six months on the floor waxing care, but also an indispensable step.

Many cleaning companies are still using a conservative way, the use of artificial wax, polished, polished, so that the thickness of the wax will be uneven, and the summer heat prone to melt sticky feet phenomenon.Service network uses imported machines polished, polished, in addition to uniform thickness, the effect of the floor waxing will be better than the artificial waxing, higher gloss. In addition, pay special attention to the wood floor joints when waxing.