150*25mm wood plastic composite

What is porcelain wood floor

Porcelain wood floor is made of ceramic material and made of wood grain glaze. The texture is the same as that of solid wood. It has both the advantages of ceramic tiles and the properties of wood flooring. Porcelain wood floor is actually a wood grain brick, the texture is vivid, feels touched, feels real, like real wood.

The original ecological "wood grain" products meet the requirements of the wood on the senses. When making the brick embryos, the wood grain bricks are pressed with the most advanced Italian Sidi press. The glaze is made of Spanish "Taolix" color glaze. "Wood grain brick" is all porcelain body glazed, Mohs hardness of seven, higher than the hardness of polished tiles five to six, long-term wear, do not fade, no discoloration, qualification glaze does not mix, easy Clean, care.

The surface of the high-grade ceramics from the wood grain pattern is a new product from the brick. The texture is vivid, natural and simple, there is no wood flooring fading, not wear and other shortcomings. As the winner of China Ceramics Academy Award, Loulan original ecological wood series features bright lines and clear patterns.

Oak, Teak, Rosewood, Rosewood, Phoebe, Walnut, Fir, Walnut... The products use top-grade wood species, with ten kinds of colors, widely used; nine specifications to meet the needs of different space scales; roller printing, film Different film, a strong sense of space; sinking dents, exquisite specifications, glazed more fashionable; moisture, dirt, insect-resistant; acid, alkali, wear-resistant; fire, anti-warping, anti-deformation; good cleaning, Maintenance, care, absolutely no formaldehyde, consumers can use 100% rest assured.