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How does the floor get over the winter?

Quenching and sudden heat damage is great. In the process of opening and closing the geothermal heat, steps should be taken gradually. The sudden rise and fall of temperature will affect the service life of the floor. Service network experts suggest that the first use of geothermal heating, should be slowly warming, if the temperature is too high, the floor may crack due to expansion and distortion, and the use of geothermal heating, the surface temperature should not exceed 30 °C. When the weather is warming and the room does not require heating, the ground heating system must also be slowly cooled down.

Is floor maintenance also divided into seasons? In fact, the floor is the same as people, but it can also sense the warm, dry and wet climate. Nowadays, the winter has arrived and the floor has been overwinter and needs conservation. The winter temperature (Hangzhou area) is generally below 10 degrees Celsius and the humidity is relatively low. Therefore, in the winter, there is rarely the phenomenon of floor swelling and arching. You can often use non-drip wet wipes to properly increase the indoor air humidity. Waxing in winter does not need to be too frequent. Normally, the last time the wax is used (the other two months, the last time the wax is better).

The use of air conditioning and heating equipment requires special attention. Floor-mounted electric heaters, the heating outlet wind direction as far as possible, because the floor will accelerate the evaporation of moisture, will make the local contraction deformation, cracking or paint film off.