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Solid wood floor with the maintenance of essential oils

The use of essential oils is a relatively new type of solid wood flooring maintenance methods. Essential oil was first used in wooden furniture, wooden decorations and other wood products, mainly played a moisturizing, anti-dry embrittlement effect. The use of essential oils on solid wood floors, the essential oil will not only form a protective film on the floor surface, but also easier to penetrate through the floor wood breathable holes on the solid wood floor have a protective effect.

However, if the floor itself, a lot of solid wood flooring material parameters are very good, a large number of infiltration of oil in the water easily lead to damp solid wood flooring, the occurrence of certain deformation. Essentially, floor oils are a "glaze" type of substance that acts like a glaze on top of a ceramic to make the surface of the solid wood flooring smooth and shiny. If long-term use, nor is it a particularly good choice.