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Winter wood floor maintenance tips

Skills 1. Beware of the problem of “burning” the floor: The problem that the Xiaobian said with everyone is that the floor is damaged due to the overheating of the external temperature. For example, we use some high-powered electrothermal products on solid wood floors that could damage our solid wood flooring.

Tip Two: Beware of the sunbathing exposure: The weather gradually becomes dry, and the moisture content of our solid wood flooring itself will also decline. If sunlight strikes again, the solid wood floor will easily undergo aging and cracking. Therefore, we must avoid sun exposure and use curtains to block the sun when appropriate. If there has been a partial aging phenomenon, we can wax the solid wood floor maintenance.

Tip 3: Keep Drying to Avoid Drying: The reason why the arrival of winter will cause damage to solid wood floors is due to the fact that the weather has become dry. In order to avoid this situation, we can use scientific means to increase the humidity in the room, such as using a humidifier, or at regular intervals on solid wood floors.