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Solid wood floor cleaning

1. When using it everyday, care should be taken to avoid scratching the floor with hard objects such as heavy metal sharps, glass tiles, and spikes; move the furniture without dragging it on the floor surface; do not touch the floor with an open flame or place it directly on the floor. Power electric heaters; prohibit the placement of strong acidic and alkaline substances on the floor; absolute prohibition of prolonged flooding.

2, the room humidity should not be too large, keep the floor dry, smooth, daily cleaning using a wrung cotton mop wipe: in case of stubborn stains. Wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe with a wrung cotton mop. Do not scrub with organic solvents such as acids, alkaline solvents, or gasoline.

3. If a large area of ​​water is inadvertently immersed or partially soaked in water for a long time, dry water should be promptly dried with a dry cloth and allowed to dry naturally. It is forbidden to use an electric heater to dry or expose to sunlight. Clean the floor regularly, vacuuming, and prevent sand or frictional dust from accumulating to scratch the floor surface. A doormat may be placed outside the door to prevent sand or frictional dust from being carried into the room. Clean the floor with a dry cotton mop. Do not wipe the floor with a wet mop or a corrosive liquid such as soapy water or petrol.

4. Cleaning methods for special stains: Oil stains, paints, and inks can be wiped with special oils; if stains such as blood stains, fruit juices, red wine, beer, etc., can be wiped with a damp rag or an appropriate amount of floor cleaner with a rag. Use a strong acid-base liquid to clean the wooden floor.