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Install wooden flooring to be watertight

At present, the laying method of the wooden flooring mainly has the keel laying method, the floating laying method and the pasting method, and the three laying methods have different waterproofing and dampproof effects. Among them, the keel laying method has the best waterproofing and moisture proofing effect, followed by the suspended laying method, and the pasteting method has the least waterproofing and moistureproof effect.

Keel laying method is a long strip of wood for the material, fixed and bearing the floor surface to withstand the force and laying a certain distance. Where Tong Kou floor, as long as there is sufficient bending strength, can use the method of laying the keel laying, there are many keel materials, the most widely used is the wood keel, the other plastic keel, aluminum keel and so on.

The so-called floating laying method that the floor is not directly fixed on the ground, usually on the ground laying mats, and then with a pad on the mat, splicing card slot splicing into one of the laying method, the more commonly used mats Material paving treasure.

Direct paste laying method is the floor directly bonded to the ground, this installation method is quick, the construction requirements of the ground is very dry, clean, smooth. Due to the limited flatness of the ground, over-long floorings may cause warpage, which makes them more practical for the laying of solid wood and cork floors below 30 cm in length. Some small teak floors, parquet flooring must be laid by direct bonding method.