heterogeneous function rooms vinyl flooring

Prevent the floor from curling

Because the floor is made of wood, etc., with the absorption of the trees themselves, if the floor around the humidity is too large, the floor will be because of excessive water expansion and deformation. In particular, there are keel under the solid wood flooring, keel is white wood, there is no floor after the process, so more easily deformed. The floor deforms, expands, and squeaks as it walks. Therefore, we must install the time, location, people and outside, the floor should be placed under the moisture-proof products on the floor surface to be regularly used to replenish wood oleum water, natural resin, while preventing excess water penetration.

Due to improper long-term cleaning, we live in a heavily polluted city, the floor is extremely adapt to the environment of bacterial survival, so the floor should be cleaned and sterilized in time to ensure the health of family.

Many families in life with bleach or disinfectant sterilization, in fact, the main role of bleaching water is decontamination, bleaching, in this process also has some disinfection and sterilization. Disinfectants, however, bleach only at higher concentrations, whereas other disinfectants such as dew or Weiluoch do not bleach. No matter is the kind of disinfectant, as long as the surfactant, there is decontamination. Su-water used in pharmacies can also be used for the cleaning of furniture and floors after dilution.