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Wood floor windy days troubles

As the temperature rises, the annoying "Southerly Sky" is starting to emerge. In "Southerly Sky", citizens will find that the walls drip, take the water, glass of water, the air seems to be wet to squeeze out the water.

When the damp "Back to Nantian" strikes, everyone must remember to close the windows in their homes, especially to close the south-east and south-east windows so as not to damage the wooden floors and not give any chance of infiltration of moisture that is on the window.

Moisture is the most important period of morning and evening every day, the humidity of these two periods is higher than that of the afternoon, if not close the doors and windows in time, water vapor will seriously penetrate every corner of the home. In addition, if you think the doors and windows closed so indoor air can not circulate, it is recommended that you open windows ventilation at a short time at noon.