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Floor anti-fouling to be careful

Often dust removal is the best protection of flooring materials. Because particles can easily cause damage to the ground, but also easy to make the ground slippery. Usually with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, try not to use a variety of cleaning agents. Often trampled places more diligent in vacuuming. Pay particular attention to the foyer and to the outside walkways. In addition, in order to prevent dust from entering the house, you can place a dust-proof pad at the entrance or install a dust-proof bar at the bottom of the door.

Solid wood flooring to avoid direct sunlight, wood materials encountered direct sunlight easily deformed.Maintenance of solid wood flooring, available in the previous quarter of the mask agent. When the light agent can be used damp cloth dipped in semi-wet, from the corner of the floor to the other end slowly uniform rub, rub it back and forth twice. Floor generally three months to six months or so will need waxing protection. Wax should choose suitable for floor water wax. And using only one wax at a time can cause the flooring to become tacky and dirty if mixed with different waxes.