high quality wpc outdoor decking

Conservation of wooden flooring to protect from damage!

Damage to wood floors (including aggressive corrosion, water immersion, hard rubbing, etc.) Moderately damaging (eg wet wiping, soft rubbing) Less damage or no injury (dust absorption, clean care).

In order to better protect the uninjured, we should try to use the third kind of methods when cleaning the wood floor: you can have the function of wiping dust wipe, dry wipe; you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust;

If the wood floor is soiled, dissolve the dirt with a dissolving, natural dissolving agent, orange oil, then wipe it off, wipe it off with a natural active agent soap grit that separates the dirt from the floor, wipe it off, or clean it with a clean Decontamination of the soft abrasive, wipe decontamination; In short, try not to use a lot of water to clean the wooden floor.