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Easy maintenance of the wooden floor

After the milk expires, the taste becomes sour, which increases the amount of lactic acid in the milk, which is a natural detergent that cleans the wooden floor. In addition, milk contained in the protein box of fat and other substances, can form a protective film on the wooden floor, not only wooden floor as bright as new, but also to protect the wooden floor surface is not too worn or scratched.

Rub the oil in milk in the solid wood floor surface, as well as the use of wooden floor to maintain the original color, not easy to bleach or discoloration, it is not easy to make the wood floor deformation. When wiping the floor, first pour outdated milk into the basin and then dilute it with twice the amount of water. Then moistened with wet wring, you can wipe the wooden floor. If the amount of milk overdue milk more, you can use a week rub the wooden floor with milk.