wood grain wood plastic composite decking

Floor inspection skills

Acceptance method is to use 2 meters long ruler, leaning on the floor, flatness should not be greater than 3 mm. More pumping several measurements, if the pass rate of 80% or more as qualified, on the contrary, is unqualified. Sometimes we find the floor local arch: If it is solid wood floor, it is due to shop too tight or the floor is too dry (moisture content is too low); if it is a composite floor, that is, poor floor quality. Therefore, the floor arch is a serious quality problem.

Baseboard and door frame gap ≤ 2 mm; baseboard patchwork pitch ≤ 1 mm; baseboard and the floor surface of the gap should be within the range of 3 mm to 5 mm; baseboard buckle height difference should be ≤ 1 mm.

Door buckle bar should be installed directly below the door, close the door without leaving the outside edge is appropriate, buckle and the door at the bottom of the gap between 3 mm -7 mm, the door can open and close freely. Buckle installation should be solid, stable, you can kick the middle part of the buckle, check the buckle on either side tilt or loose, with or without abnormal sound.

Common is due to the ground keel untreated, there are borers. When you find that there is a worm-eyed, the floor has been eaten almost; cracks and scratches to see that. Specification: the floor gap should not be greater than 0.5 mm; scratches mainly caused by rough decoration, such as waxing method still can not be repaired, it must be replaced.