waterproof outdoor deck design

The floor plate is still imported well

When buying wood flooring, many consumers will be tangled in the choice of domestic or imported plates. Some salesmen have spared no effort to promote imported plates: “The environmental performance of imported plates is the best.” But the price of imported plates is also higher than that of domestic products. The board is about 20% higher.

Expert analysis: Experts believe that from the quality point of view, the current domestic products of large-scale floor companies are not worse than some imported floors, and all the plates that meet the national standards should pass the environmental protection performance and usability. It can only be said that some exporting countries have a high level of quality control and product quality is relatively stable. He said that consumers do not have to be superstitious or choose their own economic ability.

Some consumers have used the floor for a period of time and have turned yellow or darkened, and it seems that the stain is not removed. Why is this? Experts say that this is mainly due to the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the aging of the sheet finishes, and the subsequent degradation of the stain resistance. Experts remind consumers that the floor also has a certain service life. Users need to comply with the instructions in the floor instructions during use, not to expose the floor.