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How to wood flooring FAQ

Face: using the same species of slats, the color will appear greater difference. If not properly laid, it is easy to show a "painted face." When using lacquered wood flooring, especially for tree species with great chromatic aberrations, you should consider the choice and deployment of lath so that the color of the wood floor changes from light to dark or from shallow depth to shallow.

Drum: Some wood flooring in the shop after damp swell appeared from the drum. This is mostly related to the environment around the wooden floor, especially the influx of water on the ground or the wooden floor. To ensure that the wood floor can not afford to drum, pay attention to three points: First, the end of civil works, can not immediately lay solid wood flooring; Second, if the living room in a humid environment to lay moisture-proof wooden floor is appropriate; Third, , Wooden floor moisture content can not be less than 6%.

Qiao: This is mainly due to solid wood flooring without formal drying caused. Therefore, the installation can be laid under the wood floor with a layer of plastic film, on the one hand play moisture and prevent the role of the wood floor from the Alice, on the other hand has a certain noise. In addition two or three days in advance to put the wooden floor to be laid indoors, so that wood to adapt to the indoor temperature, but also to prevent the wooden floor from the Alice.