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Solid wood floor maintenance methods added

In addition to playing the floor wax and the use of essential oils, there are some other methods of maintenance of solid wood flooring, such as in the daily use of solid wood floor, pay attention to keep the floor dry and clean, do not use corrosive liquid to clean the floor, keep the solid wood floor itself Color, so that the floor color and furniture with a better effect. In the daily use should pay attention to the protection of the floor to ensure that the floor can always show a bright color. If you accidentally poured water stains on the solid wood floor, wipe it clean with a clean rag to keep the dryness of the solid wood floor.

Whether it is the use of essential oils or floor wax, the maintenance of solid wood floors need to pay attention to its dosage and interval time and other issues, if the regular use will also cause damage to solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring life.