pvc foam board plates with compartments

Wooden floor arch

Phenomenon is to step on the phenomenon of floating in some places will be more serious. Room expansion: more than two rooms in the installation of the floor door when the Department does not install buckles, in the moisture, the larger the moisture when the two rooms floor lateral stretching, resulting in room door Department involved each other, so that the floor arch;

Expansion joints are nailing dead legs or plaster, putty and other fill, so that the floor can not stretch, resulting in the floor arching; installation process, there are foreign objects to stay under the floor, causing arching; under the grass arching floor, such as the installation of the floor The original ground floor has been solid wood flooring, Bahrain after the floor due to moisture damp arch original floor, resulting in the floor arched.

Maintenance program: kick the skirting board, set aside the expansion joints again; in the room and the room connected to install buckle; re-install the baseboard, clean out gypsum, putty and other reserved expansion joints. Opened the floor, re-install. Remove the floor, the ground smooth, dry and re-paved wooden floor.