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Wax floor with stress

There are a wide variety of floors on the market, but the comfort, real feel and elasticity of solid wood flooring make it more attractive to most citizens. Due to carelessness in the decoration process, it is inevitable that the floor will be bumped and scratched to varying degrees. Therefore, after the renovation is completed, the floor must be maintained.

Then, many floor manufacturers continued to launch activities such as “buying the floor and waxing” in order to attract business, leaving many consumers tempted. But this free "trap" is so easy to eat from time to time. When a landlord purchases a floor, the manufacturer promises him to wax it once for free.

As a result, behind the door, the other person only applied a layer of oil on the floor, and wiped it with a mop to cross it. Less than a week later, the floor lost its original gloss. Even more irritating is that in less than a month, the floor in the living room began to show signs of ascension, and even some of them have begun to play hide.