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Pest control of solid wood flooring

For qualified wood flooring, generally no worms. As the home renovation process will use a lot of wood board, particle board and other materials, there are many wooden furniture structure, encountered the right temperature and humidity, coupled with the processing prior to the absence of professional pest control, it is easy to grow insects . The most vulnerable to insects is wood, timber flooring will undoubtedly become the first choice against insect infestation.

Therefore, when the floor appears insects, we must first figure out exactly where the insects, and only control the source of insects, in order to effectively rule pests. Another phenomenon is that insects are indeed drilled out of the floor, but not necessarily the fault of the wooden floor.

Paving solid wood flooring requires the use of keel, people tend to focus on the choice of the floor, rarely carefully check the keel is defective or insect eye, wood keel usually without high temperature processing, it is likely to leave hidden dangers of insects or eggs , Wet and temperature appropriate time may be insect erosion, and bring disaster to the floor. Although there is not a high probability of infestation on solid wood floors, be sure to look carefully at the keel and place insect repellent on request to prevent pest infestation.