durable plastic timber fence

Wood floor to proper maintenance

In order to minimize the depression and scratches, long-term to maintain the appearance of the floor, it is recommended that the chair foot padding or padded under the chair mat. Pet excreta can cause alkaline corrosion of wood, resulting in discoloration of the floor and stains. In the piano, refrigerator and other heavy objects to be paved pad to protect the floor to prevent excessive load led to the floor depression and scratches.

Air conditioners are used for a long period of time, the indoor air will become abnormally dry, the floor will easily expand and contract, which will cause the floor to produce a gap and make a sound. Such as the floor after a long time hot air blowing, the surface coating will have cracks, the floor will shrink to produce gaps. Lay the mat on the floor to protect.

Never use alkaline cleaners. The ingredients in the wood react chemically with the alkaline material, causing the floor to change or create marks. After using detergent to wipe the wipe with a rag. If the floor is stained with chemicals, it should be promptly wiped with detergent / water. After wiping, the surface of the floor will be reduced gloss, waxing and maintenance should be promptly. Before waxing, first in the corner of the room or other inconspicuous place on the floor for a small area to try to confirm no problem before starting a full waxing.