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Installation Synthetic teak boat decking

If you want to replace old boat decking for your boat,why not choose synthetic teak boat decking, it durable, waterproof and low maintenance,is best option for your boat at present.

Synthetic teak boat decking installation

The installation process starts with choosing the right adhesive for the job. Seven Trust is the synthetic brand of choice for many boat owners, and will come with the proper adhesive needed to install the decking. Preparation is required and making sure each surface is completely flat and clean, if not it'll need to be smoothed down and filled. Choose the proper template you want for your specific boat model so you can align the teak properly and efficiently. Once the margins of the synthetic teak have been made you can start laying it down and getting it fitted onto your boat.

We have several styles and designs of our products to choose from. offer a range of premier synthetic teak and provide detailed instructions for do-it-yourself installation. Call or visit our website for more information!