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hot sale composite decking composite wood trellis

Parquet degumming

Ground moisture content is a very important indicator when paving solid wood flooring because the moisture content of the ground affects the future quality of the wood flooring. The degumming of parquet is due in large part to the expansion of the floor due to the excessively high moisture content of the floor, and the panel does not swell due to the separation of the floor by a single floor. So pull the floor due to the expansion of the role of the role, the wood floor and the panel will pull away from the phenomenon, resulting in solid wood floor degumming phenomenon.

During routine cleaning, wet cleaning tools may be used, causing moisture to intrude on the parquet surface. Thus causing the expansion of the interior of the floor, resulting in multi-layer expansion force inside the parquet, resulting in the occurrence of degumming.

We solve the wood floor degumming, or to control the ground moisture content, indoor humidity and when cleaning and maintenance should also be careful not to use wet cleaning appliances. This will make our wood flooring durable without aging.