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Bamboo flooring how to conservation

Avoid damaging the floor surface: The finish of the bamboo flooring is both the decorative layer of the floor and the protective layer of the floor. Therefore, hard objects, scratches and metal rubbing should be avoided and chemicals can not be stored indoors. In addition, the indoor furniture handling, moving care should be taken lightly, the foot of the furniture should be put rubber skin and so on. Public places, should be covered in the main channel carpets and so on.

Correct cleaning and care: In the course of daily use, the floor should be regularly cleaned to keep the ground clean. When cleaning, you can use a clean broom to clean the dust and debris, and then wring the cloth wipe dry manually, such as the area is too large, the cloth mop can be washed, and then hung up to drip water to Drag the net Do not wash with water, nor with a wet cloth or mop to clean. Usually if there is water spill on the ground, should immediately dry with a dry cloth.

Bamboo flooring, although it will give us more benefits, but if you do not care well, do not even care, then the bamboo flooring is very easy to borers. If you want to ensure long-term use of bamboo flooring, regular maintenance is essential, we can refer to the above description to carry out reasonable maintenance work, I hope the above information is helpful to you.