wood plastic composite outdoor wall panel

Composite floor

Parquet maintenance relative to the solid wood floor easier. Keep the floor dry and clean, do not mop mop the floor, without alkali water, soapy water can effectively protect the floor.

If the home air is dry, wet mop some or put a pot of water on the heating, humidifier can also be humidified. Try to avoid the sun exposure, so as to avoid long-term surface paint under UV irradiation aging, cracking. Local board accidentally contaminated stains should be promptly removed. If oil, use a cloth dipped in warm water moisten a small amount of detergent scrub. In the case of drugs or pigments, it must be removed before the stain has penetrated into the wood surface.

Floor to avoid prolonged contact with the water, in particular, can not be in contact with hot water, once sprinkled with hot water on the floor, to dry in time. The best once every three months to play a wax, waxing the surface before the floor to clean the stains, often waxing, to maintain the floor finish, extending the life of the floor. Avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, do not place too hot things on the floor, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.