antibacterial vinyl flooring hospital grade

Wood flooring moisture resistance

Moisture resistance is not good wood flooring, geothermal long time "steaming", once the moisture into the wood floor edge must be warped, resulting in damage to the floor. The high-quality wood flooring used in high-density substrate, excellent moisture resistance, absorbent thickness expansion rate far less than the national standard.

Baseboard and furniture within the covered, to prevent the floor wax pollution. Open the floor wax container decoration, shaking until uniform. In the more hidden corners of the room for local use, to confirm the floor wax normal no abnormalities.

With a professional waxing mop or a clean cloth, dip the floor wax enough, it is best not dripping state. Then carefully follow the direction of the texture of the floor, do not miss some places, but also to avoid the uneven thickness of the situation. Because if the amount of floor wax coating too little, it will result in uneven brightness, too much application amount, it will lead to poor modeling.

Note: Floor wax can not be directly poured on the floor to smear, it will have traces of stains and circles; Also, the floor wax can not be diluted with water. Apply the floor wax and other dry, with a high-speed polishing machine with a uniform polishing pad to the surface can be polished. Do not walk on the wood floor until the floor wax is completely dry. If you have missed the words, but also need to make up Oh!