hole hollow wood plastic composited decking

Wood flooring anti-injury

Solid wood flooring is also easy to damage, even the smallest gravel, long time and easy to wear its surface turbulence and color, leaving traces. If you already have gravel, use a damp, soft rag to wipe it in time. It is best to change the average award slippers and then enter the room, not to bring gravel. Do not wear shoe soles with a nail irons and hard soles shoes in the move, so that the surface of the operation. Rough, bulky and high-hardness items, do not drag on the wooden floor.

Place should also be padded to protect the cushion, and pay attention to light; the bottom of the angular goods, not to be placed directly on the ground to prevent operation. If any operation, should be repaired at any time. Repair, whether it is nail arrangement, specifications, or paint color, should strive to restore the original, should not occur with the overall wood floor incoordination, inconsistencies, affecting its overall appearance.