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Longan real wood flooring performance profile

Solid wood flooring is a natural wood material, from the outside to the inside is the same kind of raw wood materials, after drying, processing and the formation of the floor, its surface texture is natural, step on the very comfortable, the price is relatively high.

The longan is a tree species produced in Southeast Asia. The characteristics of the wood are light red to reddish-brown and the heartwood has a darker color. The wood has a golden luster and no special smell. The longan is one of the most popular types of floorboards in China due to its better overall performance.

Longan solid wood flooring is relatively inexpensive because of its high output. And the delicate texture of the wooden floor of the Longan Eye is small, the color difference is small, and the installation effect is relatively good, so it is suitable for users of economic decoration. The shortcomings of the Longan solid wood floor is that the coefficient of deformation of hot and cold wet and dry is large and not stable enough. Therefore, maintenance should be controlled within a reasonable range of dry and wet, to avoid causing the floor too large deformation.

Before there was a case concerning the floor, it was because the customer did not properly maintain the floor and the floor was cracked. Then, in the courtroom, because of the quality inspection, the moisture content of the floor and the local difference was large. It is the floor quality problem, but this floor is actually in line with the quality of the national regulations. This matter tells us that we also tell consumers that solid wood flooring is a kind of thing that needs maintenance to really exert its long-term effects. If you don't want to maintain it, then use ceramic tiles.