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Water floor heating floor maintenance

The first use of geothermal heating, should pay attention to slowly warming. When used for the first time, gradually increase the temperature in the first three days of heating: the first day of water temperature is 18°C, the next day is 25°C, the third day is 30°C, and the fourth day can be raised to normal temperature, ie, water temperature 45°C, surface temperature 28 °C ~ 30 °C. Can not warm up too quickly, too fast, the floor may be cracked due to expansion. When the geothermal heating system is turned on again after a long period of time, it must be heated in strict accordance with the heating program as it was for the first time.

The dry climate in winter and the use of geothermal heating make it easy for the floor to be cracked when it is exposed to high temperatures. At this time, it is necessary for the owner to humidify the room to prevent the floor from cracking and deforming. During the renovation, attention should be paid to not punching holes or nails on the ground so as not to leak geothermal pipes, causing the geothermal system to run out of water and the floor foam to be scrapped. Because the surface temperature of the floor is relatively high, it is best not to place water glassware and porcelain directly on the ground in order to avoid uneven heating and lead to “sweet water” in the home.

It should be noted that with geothermal heating, the surface temperature should not exceed 28°C, and the temperature of the water pipes should not exceed 45°C. If this temperature is exceeded, the service life and life cycle of the floor will be affected. In general families, when the room temperature in winter reaches about 22°C, it is already very comfortable. If the temperature rises normally, it will not affect the use of geothermal floors.