wood grain waterproof pvc flooring

Pick the doorway to the wooden floor.

Misunderstanding 1: The thicker the plate is, the better the quality is. The reporter found during the visit that many salesmen will introduce that the thicker the wood floor plate, the better the strength of the plate. After the reporter personally experienced the experience, they also found that those brands with better, more expensive wood flooring feel more solid, some cheap floors, feel in the hands will be thin, the weight of the plate can really determine the quality of it?

Expert analysis: Taking the laminate flooring as an example, at present, 8 mm is still occupied by the laminate flooring in the main market, because once it exceeds this thickness, there will be problems with its physical properties, and the technical requirements for the manufacturers are higher. At present, some domestic companies develop Out of laminate flooring more than 8 mm thick. The thickness of the substrate used in this kind of floor is generally between 9 and 12 mm, because its high density area is thicker than the second high density area of ​​the 8 mm floor, so its elasticity and stability are greatly improved. Better.

In addition, the production of laminate flooring with a thickness of more than 8 mm imposes extremely high requirements on the production equipment and technology level of the company. Therefore, only the indexes of the products produced by large-scale and professional enterprises can meet the requirements of the relevant national standards. Therefore, we need to recognize that the decisive factor of quality is not the thickness when we purchase laminate flooring. The key depends on the manufacturer's materials, strength and craftsmanship.